What the teachers are saying about the Rocksteady Reggae School.

“The Rastamouse music brings such energy to the classroom, it really engages the pupils, every single one of them enjoys themselves. It also has some real advanced musical outcomes as well as being fun.”

“Every single child absolutely loves it. They look forward to it all week, they keep asking when it’s going to happen, they absolutely love it. There’s no issues of behavior management because they all want to be there, but they’re also learning so much about music, about rhythm, about the beats, about timing but I think crucially they’re learning to play with each other – taking turns, but also listening to each other’s parts and all creating music together, and it’s great to watch and it’s wonderful. They’ve learned so much.”

“The Rastamouse music has a really distinctive pulse, and it's also a genre of music the kids really enjoy, so immediately they are engaged in it.”

“I think it's also opened up opportunities in other areas of the curriculum which have been really important”

“It really has given the children an example of performance that's normally only reserved for key stage two children.”

“It’s been a wonderful collaboration, a great opportunity for us.”

“The children are really excited and are motivated. They love playing the instruments, they enjoy singing the songs and we're all looking forward to our big performance.”

“Our children are only four and five years old, so they've not only had to learn the words for the songs but learn how to keep the beat, learn how to work as a team, learn how to play different instruments and we the teachers have been here to help them along the way. And parents have become involved, they've been learning the songs at home.”

“They've obviously seen the programme on TV and they've been watching it and been able to become part of that and they almost feel like they are one of the characters in the story.”